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Namaste! My name is Dana and I am delighted to introduce myself as your dedicated yoga teacher and founder of ANANDANA Yoga Studio. The birth of the studio comes from the love for yoga and a deep appreciation of its transformative powers. My wish is to create a nurturing space for all, where everyone feels welcomed and supported, as I believe yoga is for everybody, regardless of age, body type or experience level.


A few years ago, I embarked on a transformative journey to the enchanting land of India and eventually got certified as a teacher in the Sivananda Tapaswini Ashram Gudur, in the South of India. I immersed myself in the ancient wisdom of yoga and returned with a profound understanding of its transformative power. Inspired by the teachings of my Gurus, I am now driven to weave the threads of traditional knowledge and modern comfort together, creating a space where spirituality and practicality harmoniously coexist.




My vision
for this studio

is not merely a space for practicing yoga, but a vibrant community where like-minded souls can connect, grow and support each other. My heart swells with joy at the thought of fostering a close-knit family of yoga enthusiasts, all bound by the shared passion of nurturing both the body and the soul. My deepest desire is to empower individuals with the tools to lead healthier, happier lives. Through mindful movement and ancient wisdom, we will pave the way for self discovery, growth and inner bliss. Every step taken within these walls will be infused with the essence of compassion, respect, and non-judgement, as we celebrate the unique journey of each individual.

Hi! I am Hannah, a born Australian enjoying life in Vienna, and I have been a professional dancer for more than ten years. During this time, my love for yoga has grown and it has been the perfect way to support body and mind throughout my dancing career. In 2015 I began teaching at  the “Weiterbildungs Institut Wien”, regularly teaching ballet, contemporary dance, improvisation and choreography classes. I find great joy in sharing my passion for movement! 

Now, I am especially excited to offer classes that combine both yoga and dance! A fusion between traditional Hatha yoga postures and dance inspired elements, that can liberate us from our everyday movement patterns. Join me, as we embark together on a journey to discover more about ourselves, through cultivated awareness and intelligent movement practices.

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